Working on a Cruise-Ship as a Musical Entertainer. 

My qualifications to write this article:

I apologize for being self-indulgent right 'off-the-bat', but I believe it best to start by telling you of my qualifications to write about this subject matter:

I've been performing as a Professional Musical Entertainer since 1980, starting when I was 15 years old, playing in various 'cover' bands. Eventually, I began performing by myself (solo), as a 'One-man Band' in 1997, which led towards my first job entertaining on a Cruise-Ship in 2005, & many more…

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Wake-up gently with a 'SUNRISE' Alarm-Clock. 

Starting each day has become MUCH MORE POSITIVE for me ever since I started using a ‘Sunrise Simulator (Wake-Up Light)' Alarm-Clock. I now HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone, as a FINE PRODUCT which delivers EXCELLENT RESULTS by naturally easing you from your sleep, rather than that ‘rude awakening’ provided by the conventional (traditional) alarm-clocks we’ve all grown-up with, simply accepting them as the way to get ourselves out of bed.

The basic idea behind all of the many different types of…

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