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Why should I donate to Chuck's 'TIP-JAR'?

Many people have asked if they're able to send me a 'tip' online, for the countless unpaid hours I invest working 'behind the scenes' just to stay self-employed.

The wide variety of different tasks I'm always busy doing include producing my own backing tracks (programming, mixing each individual instrument), rehearsing, confirming contracts to keep my schedule fully booked, repair & maintenance of my Musical Instruments & technical equipment, Marketing & Advertising, developing and updating this website, etc.

My true passion is writing, arranging, recording, engineering & producing MY OWN ORIGINAL MUSIC, but it's unfortunate that I rarely have the time or money to invest, because I'm always busy performing live, in order to 'pay the bills'. Your donation would REALLY HELP me in that regard.

 Although my 'Cruise-Gigs' (which I am grateful for) might seem like one big party, it is VERY DIFFICULT WORK which keeps me away from my loved-ones for months at a time, but is something I must do to earn a living. Performing onboard a ship EVERY night while perpetually 'home-sick' is actually VERY EXHAUSTING. Please help me spend more time at home, with the people who are dearest to me.

ANYBODY who is generous enough to show their appreciation for all the hard work I do, can kindly make a SECURE donation via PayPal, by 'clicking' on the "Donate" button below. Whatever amount you might be comfortable giving is GREATLY APPRECIATED (every little bit helps), and I THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making my life a bit easier!

Good Karma will be yours! 


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