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Wake-up gently with a 'SUNRISE' Alarm-Clock. 

Starting each day has become MUCH MORE POSITIVE for me ever since I started using a ‘Sunrise Simulator (Wake-Up Light)' Alarm-Clock. I now HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone, as a FINE PRODUCT which delivers EXCELLENT RESULTS by naturally easing you from your sleep, rather than that ‘rude awakening’ provided by the conventional (traditional) alarm-clocks we’ve all grown-up with, simply accepting them as the way to get ourselves out of bed.

The basic idea behind all of the many different types of ‘Wake-Up Lights’ which are currently available, is to emulate (mimic, imitate or simulate) the rising of the sun, which naturally triggers our body chemistry to prepare ourselves for waking-up. Since the sun has been rising & setting throughout all of human history, this beautiful daily cycle has always been an integral part of how our human bodies function (as with all other species on this planet).

Only since the time when mankind started using electricity (a relatively short time ago when compared with human evolution) have we fooled ourselves into believing that loud noise (whether it be a radio/music or any type of ‘buzzer’-‘Alarm’) preset for a specific time, is an intelligent method for waking us from our sleep (duh!). I remember many days (prior to using my ‘Wake-Up Light’) which started by being agitated from the shock of my radio/buzzer alarm jolting me from deep sleep. I agree that ‘ALARM’ is an appropriate word for that type of rude-awakening: YIKES!

Our 'Stages of Sleep':

Throughout our sleep-cycle, we all go through a variety of different phases (read more about the “Stages of Sleep”). How we feel when we wake is dictated not only by the various Stages of Sleep we experienced, but also, exactly which ‘Stage’ of sleep we awoke from. A wonderful ‘Wake-Up Light’ achieves spectacular results by allowing enough time for the body to choose when is best to emerge from slumber, while body chemicals are naturally released after being triggered by the rising sun (or a ‘Sunrise Simulator').

Philips 'Wake-Up Light'.

BioBrite Sunrise Clock.

The particular ‘Dawn Simulator' (clock) which I own, begins with a very dim glow starting 30 minutes BEFORE whatever time I’ve set it for me to be awake. Then, during the next half-hour, that very dim light continues to grow in intensity until it reaches maximum brightness at the time I’ve set to be awake.

NOTE: 30 minutes is a very common length amongst most 'Wake-Up Lights' because it is very similar to the approximate length of time it takes for an actual, natural sunrise.

My own ‘Sun-Clock’ also has (like most of the different types available) a backup 'Alarm' (either a radio or ‘buzzer’) which can sound at my exact ‘wake-up time’ (IF I choose to set it).

NOTE: Until I became accustomed to using my ‘Wake-Up Light’, I (of course) always set the backup alarm (radio) for my exact wake-up time, but now rarely use it at all. In fact, I’m usually out of bed slightly before my 30-minute sunrise is complete: Feeling calm, relaxed & ready to go!

Soleil 'Sunrise Ultima'.

Verilux 'Rise and Shine'.Improved quality of life!

What I’ve grown to truly appreciate about my ‘Wake-Up Light’ (but did not foresee when I initially bought it), is how effectively it ‘sets the tone’ for the rest of my entire day. In effect, it has dramatically improved the quality of my life. Generally speaking, I’ve become a much happier person since using it: Talk about a hidden BONUS!...

Wide variety to choose from!A sunrise by your bedside!

There are a wide variety of possible features and settings (length of light-cycle, possible ‘nature sounds’, backup alarm-types, etc), all of which differ between each manufacturer and/or specific model. Some units even offer various scents (lilacs, jasmine, cinnamon, coffee, etc) which can start together with your ‘sun-rise light cycle’ (if you choose). There are some models available which also include various types of ‘Dusk Simulators’ to mimic a SUNSET.

Also makes a GREAT GIFT!

Although MANY different makes, models & features are available, the net result of ALL ‘Wake-Up Lights’ (‘Sunrise Simulators’) is that you will wake-up gently, and for this reason, I’m purposely NOT giving my own personal recommendation on any specific unit. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to get one for yourself (or purchase as a GREAT GIFT for someone else), because I’m confident that you’ll be happy to wake-up gently with any of these products.

I wish you sweet dreams. "Good night", and hopefully, a GREAT morning!!!

P.S.: If you have trouble falling asleep, then checkout this cool product below (The 'NightWave SLEEP ASSISTANT'), which helps you fall asleep NATURALLY!

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