CHUCK BROWN is a versatile SOLO MUSICAL ENTERTAINER  (Guitar / Vocalist: 'One-man Band') who provides high quality live music for all occasions: Corporate functions, Conventions, Resort locations, Cruise-ships, Casinos, Pubs, Nightclubs, Lounges, Private-Parties, Dances, Reunions, Weddings, etc.

Presented to you as 1 single musician; Your ears will think you’ve hired the whole band!

Considerable depth to his ever-expanding repertoire satisfies a variety of musical tastes: Classic Oldies, Rock & Roll, 'Top-40', 'Pop' tunes, Rhythm & Blues, Country-rock, Reggae, etc, plus his own Original Music too!

Chuck delivers maximum value for your entertainment dollar. Whatever the occasion; Chuck would love an opportunity to satisfy your musical needs!


Sorry about any possible confusion with another/different 'Chuck Brown' ('The GodFather of Go-Go music' ...may his rockin' soul rest in peace). The 2 of us had exchanged Emails & a good laugh about how difficult it is to mistake us for one another. I also told him that I've posted this photo (on the left-hand side of this screen) so that everybody can see for themselves, some of the obvious differences between us. Notice how 'The Godfather of Go-Go' dresses MUCH better than I do! It was a very sad day for me & his MANY fans when Chuck passed-away on May 16, 2012. We'll continue our 'jam session' at 'the great gig in the sky' soon enough, my dear friend. God Speed to you...




In this following group of photos, I'm performing for my FAVORITE audience: Children! They're always happy just to listen without making any requests, and are very rarely drunk.

On occasion (if they're brave enough), some of my little friends will come close enough to strum my guitar, and are fascinated by the sound. This is always a REAL TREAT for me!



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