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 GOOD TA SEE YA! a song about how nice it is to cross paths with those people in our lives who make us feel good about ourselves. Although we might not see them very often, it's always nice whenever we do.

(Lyrics by Chuck Brown)

 So how long has it been, since I’ve seen your smile?

I’m wiser now, ya see, it’s been a while.

Could always count on you, to set my spirit free,

and read between my lines. You make me believe.


             It seems I smile ‘cause it’s good ta see ya,

             In fact, it’s always been good ta see ya.

             Until we meet next; been good ta see ya,

             It’s good ta see ya back here in these arms.


And here we are today, now I smile too.

The simple things in my life with you.

With every move so smooth, an artform of it’s own.

We’re lost in our own world, but we’re never alone.


             It seems I smile ‘cause it’s good ta see ya,

             In fact, it’s always been good ta see ya.

             Until we meet next (it's) been (real) good ta see ya

             It’s good ta see ya right back here in my arms.


 GO GET IT! ...A song inspired by my low tolerance for hearing people wish for things that are well within their grasp, but are unwilling to put in the effort. 'Dreamers' & 'Talkers' with no plan of action. In short; a song about lazy bastards! The agressive feel of the music reflects my frustration with this subject matter. Definitely the fewest lyrics I've written for any song in a long time: Straight to the point!

(Lyrics by Chuck Brown)

Man I’d like to;... in fact I think I’m gonna!

Can you imagine, if it were to happen?

Tiny shoes, on the wrong feet.

Face to face, destiny you meet.


              You got-you got-you got ta go get it!

              What it may be, ya got ta go get it!

               You got-ta got-ta got-ta go get it!

               We got-we got-we got ta go get it!


Do ya think that while you get fatter,

It’s just delivered on a silver platter?

Probably for-sure, maybe somehow,

There’ll come a day. There’s no time like now...


  WE MAKE MUSIC a song about staying up all night playing music with good friends, and being suprised by what results from a good ol'-fashioned 'jam-session'!

(Lyrics by Chuck Brown) 

Well the three of us was hangin’ out. A simple night goes-by so fast.

We’ve got the toys. C’mon lets play with our hearts - our soul - fingers our past.

 I want ya'll to listen now; it sounds like we make music.


          You tell me your side, I’ll tell you mine.

          Check-it-out it kinda sounds like Music.

          I want you all to listen how it sounds like we make Music!


Just the two of us; was burnin’-out. The clock well it just chases us to rest.

The third man in: He’s goin’ strong; When keepin’ later hours he’s the best.

Ev'rybody listen how, it sounds like we make music.


          What was that you said? I hope you’re doin’ fine.

          Check-it-out it kinda sounds (feels) like Music.

          C'mon people gather ‘round; it sounds like we make Music!


 LOVE THAT LIVES a song about how difficult it is to make the concious effort to NOT cast judgement on others, and the unimaginable gifts and unforeseen rewards reaped by giving unconditional love.

(Lyrics by Chuck Brown)

The pair of Fools have come and gone, & gone and come again.

Their sordid past has forced the sorry couple to be friends.

Not quite how they remember, their memories of pain,

Are swept-away as wisdom teaches how to love again.


          You give it up without the thought of a return and you’ll find

          What you gave - you got, when all you wanted was to give a little...

          Love that lives; you live to give but you got ‘cause you gave

          Love that lives; count the straws when you’ve got...a love...


With tables turned, to their surprise, it’s better here somehow.

Would trade their days of past in for their wiser days of now.

Should they grow old together, and teach themselves to give,

Their hearts; they would pour-open for each other’s life to live.


          You give it up without the thought of a return and you’ll find

          What you gave - you got, when all you wanted was to give a little...

          Love that lives; you live to give but you got ‘cause you gave

          Love that lives; count the straws when you’ve got...a love...

          Love that lives; you live to give but you got ‘cause you gave

          Love that lives; thank the stars when you’ve got... a love...


The two of them can’t contain their feelings from within.

Discovered quite by accident, the best that life has been.

‘My motive it was selfish’, each wonders to themself.

‘The richness that it brings me’ is worth eternal wealth.


 SAD SONG a song about the realization of being in a relationship that's just not working, and the sadness of knowing there's no real hope for any long-term future together.

(Lyrics by Chuck Brown)

What’s the matter?...

The clothes I’m wearin’ ain’t enough for you and your kind.

I’d like to tell you ‘I’m sorry’ but you know that I won’t lie.


          You and I, we seem to write a sad-song.


In case ya didn’t notice, I was caught ‘red-handed’ looking your way.

It's just that you are bad news for me and we cannot be.


          You and I (just/still/we) seem to write a sad-song,

          The timing’s right for all, except (this/our) sad-song.


And so it turns-out we’re much like fire and water when we mix together.

It’s kinda funny the things I notice tell our sorry fate.


 WORLD STOPS TURNIN’ a song about the power of 'Mother Nature' and our own individual responsibilities during our time here on earth.

(Lyrics by Chuck Brown)

Remember a time you could have predicted a change in the season; the time of the year.

But now we wait for each mornin’ to see if sunlight will cast shadows or will burn us.

The sun; it shines for you.


Today I saw on the horizon, olive-green clouds cruisin’ my way.

And it looked like the heavens were about to open-up and let us have it.

The wind; it blows for you.


          But I wouldn’t want to be here. No, I wanna be clear when the...

          World stops turnin’! World stops turnin’!


Tomorrow our children get to answer for what we have left them to be proud-of.

But the weak and the hungry still don’t know that all God’s treasures are here for us.

The world it turns... and turns, for you.


 INSIDE-OUT a song about healing after a broken relationship, and getting to the point of wanting to love again, but being apprehensive to take that risk.

(lyrics by Chuck Brown & Kurtis Phillips)

Though it's been long since we've gone our seperate ways,

You still appear from within me, every waking day.


     Wasn't that the greatest feeling that you ever had?

     The two of us together, walking hand in hand.

     We've seen so much together, but grew so far apart,

     I wish I could ignore this calling from my heart.


          Call it love: ...Tonight I feel like I can do anything.

          Call it love: ...there's a fool inside who wants to feel it again.

          Calling love: ...Tonight I feel like I can do anything.

          Calling love: could seem so right, I can remember when...

          It was love; ...kept me warm inside: Could never see the end...

          Until love; ...had turned inside-out! (Tonight; I'm gonna win).


Your face still remains an image burning in my mind.

Can I help to cool the embers?... or trust the hands of time?


The next tune sets the mood for me, sounding like romance.

I'm all through sittin' the songs away; I need someone to dance.


 ALL FOR ONE a song about the committment of participating in any 'Group', where we're expected to run on blind faith and hope that all group-members are being completely honest with each other.

(Lyrics by Chuck Brown)

I’ll give you my time, you’ve got my faith.

I’ll trust that you’ve focused your thoughts for today.

In the meantime; let’s laugh and I’ll try...

Try to please you. I trust you won’t lie.


          I thought that we were in together; “All for one”.

          Now that you’ve done; Goodbye forever “All for one”.


So how’s things these days with the world by the tail?

That golden-carrot’s just inches away.

In-between time; let’s not bite our nails...

Or hold your breath now. You’d better exhale.


     Your plan runs on it’s good-faith. 

     The time has come to cut your losses, and they happen to include me...

     Not “All for One”. All for one!


 TURN THE PAGE a song about the difficulty of moving forward from a bad situation, and  leaving negativity behind.

(Lyrics by Chuck Brown)

The air; it was thicker than I would have spread myself.

This ugly situation; stress on mental health.

With all who are around me, under the same roof...

And brave anticipation, carry’s us all through.


          Time to turn the page, and see what lies ahead.

          Time to turn the page; the rest has not been read.


We soldiers of misfortune, line-up in a row.

It’s not that we won’t do it: We’ve nowhere else to go.

The masks, well they protect us from showin’ our own skin.

We burn behind their shadows, that never let you in.


          Time to turn the page, and see what lies up ahead,

          Time to turn the page: The rest has not been read.

          Time to turn the page, to see what must be said.

          Time to turn the page, and lay that tale to bed.


Beware! You’re gettin’ thinner, right before my eyes.

Miss ‘Pretty-as-a-Picture’ makes me realize... it’s... (CHORUS)


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